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Please contact us via the following methods:-

3 Darths
Unit 15e
Harvey Centre
CM20 1XN

Email: the3darths@yahoo.co.uk
I will try to answer all emails within 24 hours, with a full update regarding products and orders etc, however due to full time job commitments it may be 48 hours before a reply can be made
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All product details including pre-orders are supplied by our wholesalers and are subject to change. We will notify you of any changes to your orders as soon as we become aware of them.

Across the site you may see the words "Pre-Order" or "Back Order" after an item description. A pre-order is purchasing an item before it is released to guarantee availablilty when it comes into stock. At the moment payment is taken straight away for this item. We are looking into payment providers where we can defer the payment when using a normal credit or debit card, or with Paypal, but at the moment these methods WILL charge you at the time of the order. Also be aware the availability will be listed as instock, but the Pre-Order text will be in the main product name (This is to get around the system allowing us to take orders for items which are not in stock)

A back order is like a pre-order but is for items which have previously been in stock before, payment is also as above. Both statuses above will give an approximate idea of when the items will be in stock. This is ONLY an approximation though.

If a pre-order is cancelled a 10% restock / admin fee will be deducted from the refund. This is to cover costs involved in the loss of the sale and staff time taken to resolve, there is no exceptions for this,sorry.

By agreeing to the terms & conditions at the time of an order you are agreeing to this information (it is repeated at checkout).